40 Days


Lent begins today, as opposed to lint, which is entirely different and requires far less personal commitment.
I will be reading “The Manual for Spiritual Warfare” by Paul Thigpen as my Lenten exercise this year. I will also be giving up alcoholic beverages, which, if you read this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15487287/ you will see is not a small effort on my part, though I am more partial to Grizzled Claw Gin than brandy (even Cognac).

I will periodically post thoughts about the book and inspired by the book, as well as, I’m sure, occasional pinings for a “bit ‘o the Claw” as we say on Tereathon.

My first comment on the book is this:  it is welcoming, leather bound with silver-gilded page edges (which, I suppose, is technically not “gilding” since gilding refers to gold, but it’s all I’ve got), not too thick, but hefty, and 4.5 x 7 inches so it isn’t a burden to carry, has a ribbon bookmark (appropriately black) sewn into the binding for my convenience, and sports a simple tooling on the cover: simply a border and a sword.  It carries concretely substantial in the hand, and with its stylish, simple, old-world look, feels an ample weapon for hurling at devils lurking to steal the soul.  The first chapter is deliciously entitled “Know Your Enemy,” so that even before one begins, the aura of a warrior seems to settle around the room.

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