So, I Was Thinking ….


I wonder what would happen if an art site encouraged artist to
contribute by using some other artists’ work as a prompt? On FA and DA
and such there is a lot of “Don’t steal my art. Don’t use my this or
that. It all belongs to me. Ask first. blah blah blah.” And
that’s all fine and good for some things: like characters in stories
that get used in other stories where you want to maintain continuity.

But what if there was a site where people who signed up understood they
were sharing in order for their stuff to be used by other members,
without asking permission first? If something caught on, you’d get
this whole chain of things off of a piece, or maybe it’d be more like a

That kind of thing is sort of going on with Horror Made, but the interchange
is between Jeanette and the readers, not so much the readers and the readers
— however, it’s what gave me the idea.

Maybe there is already something like that out there — I’m not
generally much of an Internet surfer: I just don’t have the time.

What do you think?

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