From the Side?

Help me try to decide … what should his pattern look like from the side?


I’m about ready to fur this fursuit head I’m making for Halloween (yes, cutting it close) and I’m having trouble visualizing how the pattern looks on his head in 3-D from the side.  Does the white wrap under the black? How far down does the black go? Do I want that gray patch on his muzzle and if so, what shape/how does it mesh with the other colors?

What do you think?

Grisled Claw Gin

In the novel I’m writing, and several short stories, Grisled Claw is a popular brand of gin.  It is a particular favorite of Graowf.

My daughter drew me a grisly claw hand for the label I made for it.  Then I recently made a bottle stopper based on her drawing.

The stopper is cast in resin from a silicone mold I made of the claw as I sculpted it in Sculpey.

grisled-claw-stopper grisled-claw-stopper-only

Ewok Mask

I worked on this Ewok mask now and then over the summer.  It is for a friend’s little boy who wants to dress up as an Ewok on Halloween.

ewok-angle ewok-front

ewok-final ewokon

My daughter said, “It looks creepy — just like a real Ewok.”