Spend the Rest of Your Life on Vacation


While I was on vacation at the beach in May 2016, I was sitting on the back deck of the house we rented staring over the dunes at the ocean. I decided then and there that I wanted to spend the rest of my life on vacation.

I began writing down a few principles that captured the essence of the vacation feeling, reasoning that if I could foster a vacation attitude at all times, the rest of my life would feel like one long vacation.

Even while on vacation we have to do a little work: keep the house neat, cook meals, service our offspring. But on vacation, those chores do not spoil the vacation experience. Thus, I concluded, it must be possible to sustain the vacation essence even into the ordinary work-a-day world.

Over the rest of the several days I had on vacation, I expanded and refined my original list. I continue to tweak it, but here it is: Graowf’s principles to enable him to spend the rest of his life on vacation. I hope some help you as well!

Click Here for Graowf’s Principles for Living the Rest of His Life on Vacation

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