Candy Wrappers


God speaks to me through Dove candy wrappers.  Really.  The first time I got my paws on one of those Dove chocolates with the almost pithy phrase printed on the inside, I had just prayed asking God to affirm for me that my decision to be confirmed in the Catholic Church was the right choice.   I was received into the Church on the evening before Easter, at the Easter vigil Mass, like many (most?) people who become Catholic as adults.  The following day at the weekly meeting of the group I joined with, there was a reception.  As I was going through the food line I was thinking about whether I had done the right thing, figured I’d just ask God for some encouragement if I had, and that’s when I picked up a Dove chocolate, unwrapped it, and discovered this phrase printed inside: “Believe in the power of a magical night.”

Since that day, I’ve approached Dove chocolates with reverence.  I don’t buy them, I wait for them to be given to me.  I only eat one a day.  I say, “Well, let’s see what the Lord has to say to me today!” whenever I unwrap my one, free Dove chocolate.

I was given about a half a dozen for Easter this year.  Every now and then I eat one.  Since Easter I have been told:

  • “Do what feels right”: I wore a tail.  It felt right.
  • “Quote your dad”: I could only think of two “I never get sick,” and “I have to do everything myself.”  I don’t think these are what are meant.  I’ve asked my mom to try to recall some things he said.  He’s dead now, so I can’t ask him.  I consider this one to still be in progress.
  • “Leave your phone behind”: I did that often anyway, now I do it more frequently.
  • “Coin a new catchphrase”:  This took awhile, but finally, “I’m on vacation!”
  • “Get dressed up with no place to go”: I haven’t done this yet, so it is pending.  I need to fix the jaw hinge on my fox mask before I can.
  • “Get lost on purpose”:  I can’t seem to succeed at this one.  So it is in progress.
  • “Walk to the beat of your own tuba.”: I’ve always done this one.

I’ll post updates on those unfinished ones.

Has God sent you a message?

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