The Courtship of Little Red

Today I give you a sonnet:

The Courtship of Little Red
a sonnet by the Big Bad Wolf

“My love come to the dark yet sweeter path
there by to lay your scarlet hood and cloak.
For love’s embrace to risk eternal wrath
your hands the ripe and tender blossoms pluck.”

“Will I your brutish tooth and paw invite?
No!  Only dawdle here until the moon,
to lie in shadowed luster ‘neath the night
and mistake your arms for flowered promised June.”

Oh, sweetly crimson ’tis the flower bloom
that access grants the primal ardor to,
when innocence’s sweet seductive plume
enchants the claw and fang with perfumed hue.

Oft lust’s sharp tooth draws forth his bitter tears
with promise sweet of love in tender ears.