Feran Wolfpaw – Part 5

Feran Wolfpaw


Feran, it turned out to his surprise, was deemed to have an aptitude for piloting spacecraft.

“Your stats are getting worse, not better,” Feran’s flight instructor, Donald, informed him as he got out of the simulator.

“It’s gotten boring in there,” Feran replied. “And anyway, I’ll never have to fly an ark. I’ll be asleep the entire trip and the ship will fly itself on auto-pilot.”

“That’s no reason to fly the simulator in somersaults and ram into moons. Your training is for the possibility something goes wrong, and if such a scenario materializes, you will have to be better than good. You should take it more seriously.”

“Yeah, yeah, I heard all that before. I’m done fighting for other people and their causes. If a ‘risk scenario materializes’ I’m looking out for number one, just like everybody else will. The arks are too complicated to learn enough in years, much less a few months, to deal with trouble. All this training is a stupid waste of time.”

“I know you think so now, but light years from Earth with 100,000 hibernating Recombinants depending on you alone to get them out of trouble –“

“Shh!” Feran grabbed Donald’s arm and looked down the hall.


Who is that?” Donald followed Feran’s rapt gaze to another Recombinant and her instructor.

“That’s Karmah. She’s also in the pilot training program — only she takes it seriously.”

Feran continued to stare. Karmah did not notice, engrossed in conversation with her instructor.

“Huh,” Feran replied thoughtfully. “Arctic fox? Mmm, mmm … just look at that tail!”

Donald rolled his eyes. “Recombinants!” he said. “Down, boy!”

Feran glared at his instructor. “Humans!” he retorted.