2014-10-31_21-02-35_953Graowf is an enigma, existing somewhere between the human and animal, he is software developer during the day, writer at lunch and after dinner, artist sometimes, inventor when necessary, other things on-demand.

Of himself he says:

“I write stories.  Mostly anthropomorphic animal stories.  I draw anthropomorphised animals, though I only started drawing a few years ago and only because I couldn’t do it — I doubt I’ll ever be a black-belt artist, but at least now everything I draw doesn’t come out looking like a 2-D pig. I write stories and poetry. More recently, I’ve gotten into fursuit crafting — it seems to resonate with my jack-of-many-trades-master-of-oh-so-few and zoomorphic inclinations. Maybe I’m a steampunk raccoon.   Maybe I’m a renaissance fox.   Maybe I’m just a lone wolf.

Whatever I am, after 40+ years, I’m finally finding my space, my purpose, my calling before God, and what I’m finding is, to me, totally unexpected, fascinating, and thrilling.”
You can find more of Graowf’s artistic endeavors over at FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/graowf/

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