Fox Fursuit

My DIY fox fursuit!  All the parts are firsts!




Amped Emberley Vignette

On Friday my 8-year-old was doodling out of an Ed Emberley book and having a rollicking good time putting this together:


I ran across it a couple of times over the weekend, and by Sunday noon, looking for something fun and easy to relax with, I could take it no longer.  I had to do my own.

Cover of an Ed Emberley Book

Cover of an Ed Emberley Book

Inside an Emberley

Inside an Emberley

If you don’t know about Ed Emberley art books,

they are full of little doodles of things in an step-by-step instructional format.  Each little doodle takes only seconds to complete.

The real fun comes in the embellishments.


So I sat down and played around with some doodles for an hour or two:


did a little massaging on the ‘puter:



and then went to work on my real goal: an amped  up Emberley shadowbox vignette.  And here it is!

amped-emberley-vignetteFrom left to right: Dancer, Gubbles, Uncle Howlard, Mumsley, and behind him Doctor, Pippy, Foxxy, and Hazel.

By the way, the picture on the wall is a reproduction of a watercolor of a beastly fellow by the name of Uncle Cato.  Uncle Cato’s portrait was painted by the versatile and multi-talented Jeanette Andromeda, the brilliance behind, among other many enterprises.

The little vignette is not finished.  I’ll probably keep it on a corner shelf and keep adding little things — some furniture, more wall-hangings, etc. — when I need a relaxing distraction.   But now you know the kind of things that fill a lazy Sunday afternoon around Graowf’s den.

Grisled Claw Gin

In the novel I’m writing, and several short stories, Grisled Claw is a popular brand of gin.  It is a particular favorite of Graowf.

My daughter drew me a grisly claw hand for the label I made for it.  Then I recently made a bottle stopper based on her drawing.

The stopper is cast in resin from a silicone mold I made of the claw as I sculpted it in Sculpey.

grisled-claw-stopper grisled-claw-stopper-only