Fox Fursuit

My DIY fox fursuit!  All the parts are firsts!




From the Side?

Help me try to decide … what should his pattern look like from the side?


I’m about ready to fur this fursuit head I’m making for Halloween (yes, cutting it close) and I’m having trouble visualizing how the pattern looks on his head in 3-D from the side.  Does the white wrap under the black? How far down does the black go? Do I want that gray patch on his muzzle and if so, what shape/how does it mesh with the other colors?

What do you think?

Ewok Mask

I worked on this Ewok mask now and then over the summer.  It is for a friend’s little boy who wants to dress up as an Ewok on Halloween.

ewok-angle ewok-front

ewok-final ewokon

My daughter said, “It looks creepy — just like a real Ewok.”

How I Made My Sockpaws

I’m a total amateur at making fursuit parts, but I learned a lot from what other amateurs posted on the Internet, so here’s how I made my first sockpaws:

Hope it helps you along with yours!


Martin the Mouse

My daughter wanted to go as Martin the Mouse from Redwall for Halloween.  So I whipped up the head for her while she put together the rest of the costume.  Anyway, this is my second fur head …. the first was the fox.  Like the fox, this one is ventilated with a CPU cooling fan and has a hinged jaw that moves when the wearer talks.  But unlike the fox in which the wearer looks through the tear ducts, the eyes on the mouse are “functional” clear acrylic hemispheres blackened with window tinting film that the wearer looks through.

I was on a tight schedule and didn’t have time to craft a Sculpy nose or something, so just shaped this from foam.  I wasn’t happy with the pink, but that’s what the girl wanted ….

head in-costume-cropped-scaled

Ash Fox

I was Ash Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox for Halloween.  Here I am decked out in the costume I made — my first attempt at a fursuit head.  I managed to drink Bean’s Hard Apple Cider using a fish tank airline as a straw.  It was a good day!