A Thought About Connections


In a brief exchange in some comments, I had this to say which I wanted to save, so here it is:

The idea of the origin of a new species via random gene mutations and natural selection is hard pill to swallow. I don’t find evolutionary theory is anywhere near convincing: as a hypothetical speculation or as an evidential theory.

What I do see are several archetypical body forms under which the various species fit and similarities across archetypes. Does that mean that they all descended from a common base ancestry? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think one can say much more about it than that they are similar. Maybe foxes are foxes simply because they have always been foxes and skunks are skunks because they have always been skunks.

What thrills me as I live out the diversity of species in my own life is that we are linked by the interdependence we share within the material universe. I have a flesh and bone body, just as foxes, owls, wolves, fish, and even skunks do :-). But unlike them, I have a capacity for appreciating the fact that we all do and for reasoning about it and for trying to make sense of it and for choosing what I do about it.

If I slip into my personal spiritual perspective on the matter, it hinges on the purpose of mankind as the steward of all that is. We feel connected because we are made to be connected. We are driven toward the natural world because we are made to nurture and protect it. We crave to bring solace to living things because we are made the bridge of their redemption. We are like it because we are made to share its destiny. I think the fact that we gravitate toward individual kinds has most to do with how we are individually made to be a part of that mission of stewardship than anything. That individuals would find a kind of transcendental connection to specific species — an affinity for and even maybe a disposition to share behavioral traits with — seems more a part of a primordial motivation toward a calling toward stewardship over a particular kind than it evidences a merger of spiritual typologies. What I mean is, maybe we feel connected with foxes, wolves, or skunks because we are made to feel connected with them.

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