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One of the prices of modern life is that while we have more things than ever, we have less leisure than our grandparents did. When my grandfather left each day’s work as an inventor for Brach’s Candy Company at approximately 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, he left his work at work. He may have done a bit of design drawing or puttering at home, but the idea of being on-call 24/7 would have been obnoxious to him (family rumor has it that he had a lock on the inside of his workroom door and that even Mr. Brach had to knock). What our grandparents might have denounced as a kind of tyranny has become the modern way of life; when work calls, we answer, or face the consequences.

from this blog post:

is exactly my complaint.

I once took an anthropology class and it was pointed out that people living in hunter/gatherer cultures have more free time that we do.  Our “time saving” conveniences, far from saving us time, cause us to consume more and expect others to consume more.  We are saving ourselves into the temporal poor house.

A very good book that goes at this from a fictional narrative is Momo by Michael Ende.

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