Hero’s Journey in Three Act Structure


I’ve was recently reading Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell, and he has a nice outline of The Hero’s Journey, or Mythic Structure in a Three Act format, which I paraphrase here:

      1. Act I
        1. Introduction to hero and his world
        2. Disturbance that interrupts the hero’s routine and/or a “call to adventure”
        3. The hero may (typically) ignore the disturbance/call
        4. The hero is coerced/enters into conflict with the dark forces [1st Doorway]
      1. Act II
        1. A mentor may appear to instruct/guide the hero
        2. Encounters with the dark forces/a lot of muddling about/develop readers rapport/sympathy
        3. Hero must confront a weakness or fear or other ultimate low dark moment within himself that he must overcome.
        4. A talisman, usually with supernatural power or significance, aids hero in battle
        5. Final setup for the climactic conflict [2nd Doorway]
      1. Act III
        1. The climactic, final battle is fought in a total knockout, usually in defeat of the dark forces
        2. The hero returns to the mundane in his own usual world


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