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Here I’m going to drop links to helpful pointers, tips, lessons, and tools for better writing  that I have learned or picked up here and there and along the way of whatever way I am on.  Since most of my writing is fiction and poetry, these are focused primarily on those genres.

I’m always interested in constructive comments, suggestions, references to resources, etc.  Comment here or email me at graowf@wolf.ishly.me

Collected Tips, Pointers, Reminders

Character Profile and Discovery Template

Questions to Ask Your Character

Character Discovery Scenarios

Self-editing Checklist

Lessons Learned and Examples from the Writings of Others

 “The Hero’s Journey” Outlined in a Three Act Structure

External Links

The Character Profile template has links to lists of character archetypes.

Mythical Archetypes list is a list of archetypes commonly found in fairy tales and the like.

Plot Devices Wikipedia article on major techniques of plot development

“Seven Basic Plots” Wikipedia article on major plot archetypes

“Thirty-six Dramatic Situations” Wikipedia article on situations found in dramatic stories and such

Monomyth Wikipedia also has a detailed article about the stages of the hero’s journey

Crafting Characters Scene By Scene is a really good article on using scene and action in character development

Sara Pennypacker’s List of Books about Writing







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